Asset Management

In the water sector, infrastructure management is vital. Whether it concerns the safety of citizens behind dikes, healthy water or shipping. The water sector is dependent on its assets. Think of dikes, storm surge barriers, locks, distribution networks or sewers. Properties that contribute to a well-functioning water system and a healthy society and a safe land. Practitioners want to make smart and future-proof choices about these assets with the appropriate considerations regarding risks, investments, management and maintenance.

Asset owners and asset managers have the important task of mapping out the risks associated with managing assets, weighing them against each other and using available budgets to manage them. Resources must be used as efficiently as possible for often increasingly complex tasks. After all, especially in the water sector, existing assets are exposed to increasingly extreme conditions due to climate change. This means that smart maintenance choices are vital. But how do you prioritize asset maintenance? And what are smart investments?

diTTo is supporting organizations with a strategic and practical implementation of their asset management. It does this by combining classic asset management tools with a digital twin approach. This means that these questions can be answered with reasons via “what if” scenario analyses.