Digital Water

The desire for a more future-proof water management is a product of a changing climate and the resulting, increasingly capricious weather patterns. To minimize the potential negative impact of these on water management, we need to be capable of anticipating them with targeted measures. The steerability of our water system is essential in this regard. In this context, sensors have for years been a recognized tool in the maintenance and management of water infrastructures. They help monitor their actual condition and facilitate faster and more targeted risk management action. The goal is to maximize data-use effectiveness and thus generate deep and – for water practice – meaningful knowledge about the water system. The growing volume of data now requires from the water sector a combination of vision (data, for what purpose?), focus (which data?), facilities (where to store the data?) and visualization (how to present data?). Vision, focus, facilities and visualization is combined into a practical approach. This involves using a Digital Twin to provide the optimal context for adding societal value to data.  Based on our practical experience, and fueled by the client’s ambitions, we would be glad to discuss your digital water desires. In close collaboration with AvecodeBondt diTTo would be happy to advise you on the utility and necessity of the various dimensions of Digital Water as a Digital Twin component. In that context we offer support in Water Data Management & Storage and facilitate in data presentation through the water data portal facility ARGUS. It facilitates a safe, online platform for the management of water data. This could for instance involve data from hydrological monitoring networks or the Urban Water Buffer, but also data from sensors connected to the water infrastructure to feed your Digital Twin.