Resilient Water Systems

Rural and peri-urban areas face specific water challenges. After all, agriculture is intensifying in many places, cities are constantly expanding and at the same time more space has to be created for nature. Water plays an important structuring role in these tasks and is increasingly seen as a key factor in the spatial planning of river basins and the associated area processes. In that context, we have experience with solutions in the form of sustainable, resilient and robust water systems.

We use intelligent digital instruments for the design, realization and maintenance of such water systems. This task poses a major challenge, because rural areas often have large local differences in land use, which leads to complex design issues. We use our instruments to assist (semi) governments, contractors and area developers. They help to provide insight into the characteristics of the subsurface, the networks and the occupation layer as well as their interactions. We map and visualize with advanced digital instruments by making use of publicly available datasets and those available through the ARGUS Data Portal.  In the field of water management, we specifically map out the functional system of soil and water for specific areas, after which we provide insight into a variety of “what if” scenario questions. Together with our clients we arrive at the most suitable set of measures. These should lead to feasible, manageable and sustainable water system solutions.

Examples where we apply this approach are the development of measures to prevent the dehydration of vulnerable nature areas. But it can also be about fitting a road into a vulnerable soil-water system. In a densely populated country, issues such as climate-proof design of urban expansions in rural areas are the order of the day. We offer water specialists knowledge and experience in the field of water system analysis, hydrological effects in spatial developments, the design of climate-robust water systems and the relationship between water infrastructure and groundwater.

The SAA program (Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere) is one of the major infrastructure projects in which we have used this water expertise in conjunction. The aim was to improve the connection between Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and the rapidly growing city of Almere. The renewal of the A1 motorway between Schiphol, Amsterdam and Almere is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. We arranged the entire water management for this project, including the associated environmental management and permits.